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The Heart and Soul

The re-introduction of our artisan crumb cake had to be much more than just a business. Making money is important, but only in the context of how that money is used. Our first mission was clear; to make the finest crumb cakes in the world. But our success had to be measured by more than financial gain. Crumbzz had to make a difference.

The environmental damage humanity leaves in its wake, is an issue that we believe overshadows all others. Not wanting to contribute to this cycle of destruction, Crumbzz will always be focused on leaving as small a footprint as possible. In addition, we will dedicate a portion of our profits to support programs that encourage environmentally sound practices.

The plight of the small farmer is another issue we will fight to correct. It is the small farmer, plantation worker and itinerant laborer who work the hardest, yet make the least from their labors. To assure we don't contribute to this inequity, a balance of labor/reward will always be a requirement for any provider in the Crumbzz provision chain. These three principles are the pillars of our Mission Statement.

hands_grain worker wheat