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Author ~ International Speaker ~ Epicurean

Go on an adventure with best-selling author J Stephen Sadler as he travels the world, discovering unique dishes and the cultures that created them.

  • J Stephen Sadler's Quest For The Best

    J Stephen Sadler's Quest For The Best:
    The story of an unlikely chef who built an improbable empire from a lost family recipe
    Go on a journey with J Stephen as he searches for the best. What you'll get:
       Insight into best ingredients, packaging and decision-making process
       Challenges and successes in building a food based business
       Branding that knocks it out of the park
    A great gift item for the foodie in your life.

  • Miami 2019 Epicurean Get-Away

    RESERVE YOUR SPOT to chase the sun with J Stephen as he takes you on a journey to his favorite fine dining spots in Miami, Florida, USA.
    What you'll get:

       Unique dining and travel experiences
       Direction on finding and crafting a fine dish
       Exploration of the local cultural dynamics
       Special sight seeing and shopping opportunities
       Upscale accommodations
    Space is limited so reserve your spot today. Singles or couples. Final payment due February 2019. 

    Price: $4,500.00 USD

  • Talk Around The Table An Evening with J Stephen

    Gather a small group and enjoy a fine dining experience with J Stephen Sadler.
    What you'll get:

       Enlightening Conversation
       Fine Dining Experience
       Memories to Last a Lifetime
    Seating is limited so reserve your spot today. All the details will be emailed once you have reserved your spot. If for some reason the date does not work for you, we will add you to the top of the February opportunity.

    Price: $ 200 USD