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"What our clients say about the product we provide is much more important than what we say."
J Stephen


I would like to thank Judith and all the wonderful people at Crumbzz bakery for making my son�s birthday special as they have every year. This year, time just flew by and on Halloween I realized I hadn�t ordered his cake as I have for the past 12 years. My phone was messed up and didn�t get through to them till Wednesday when the cake should have arrived. They called me and I was disappointed but realized it was my fault and told them to just send it when they could. Judith asked me his address and within an hour she personally delivered it to his house even though he lived 30 minutes from them. To me, that is great customer service. We live in California and I can�t tell you how how thrilled I was as was my son. Whenever we are in Dallas, we always go and to Forney and enjoy a wonderful meal at the restaurant. Again - 10 stars to this wonderful place.
Judy - California
"I've waited a long time for this. My wife and I missed your crumb cakes for way too long"
Robert - TX
"Enjoying an afternoon in the mountains is better with your chocolate crumb cake in my hand"
Sheila - NY
Group Shot
"Nothing like this in Oklahoma. We decided that if you ever sell the crumbs as Crumbzz snacks, we'll be your first customers."
Delores - OK
"Where have you been all my life?"
Nancy - Houston TX
"This just killed my New York City superiority that only we have great bakeries. No one makes a better crumb cake than Crumbzz. There I've said it. If any of my friends think I'm wrong, I tell them to buy one and then talk to me. So far all I'm doing is building your fan base. You should pay me as your promoter in New York City."
Barbara - NY
"Yummily Scrumcious! Hey if you can make up words, i.e. crumbzz, so can we."
John & Jennifer - NJ
"This is the best crumbcake I have ever eaten. We now serve it at all our parties. Sad to say, we hate to give them your name because we like to keep it as our own little secret. By the way, it freezes pretty well."
Tony - CA
"Took it to the office. I'm now the crumb cake guy. You should advertise your product as a job security program!"
Bill - FL


Forney Texas, a small town east of Mesquite... But thanks to Crumbzz we don't have to go to Dallas for a top notch breakfast! Ricotta Pancakes, Crumb Cake, Coffee that truly taste good, the menu is amazing and the owner and staff are top notch
Matthew - Forney TX
Crumbzz is a gourmet choice in a town whose foodies have been long deprived! The egg-white omelette is the best I've had, the ambience is trendy & artsy, and the owner is friendly & gracious. Crumbzz is even green, with its own water collection system installed to water the patio plants. Oh, that Crumbzz were open for dinner!
Carolyn - Forney, TX
This place was amazing! The owner came to the table, examined the menu, the concept for the restaurant and turned out an amazing brunch. Souffle takes 20 mins but I promise it is SO worth it!!! The coffee pairs so perfectly with the crumb cakes its heavenly. A great hidden gem in the heart of Forney. This is my absolute favorite spot in Forney hands down!!!
Michelle - Forney, TX
HOLY COW!!! What a 'diamond in the rough'!! I was taken aback by the atmosphere at Crumbzz. I would have never thought a place like this would be tucked away in Forney Texas. Crumbzz looks like a place that you would find in the Uptown area of Dallas, NOT Forney.
Kenneth - Terrell, TX
I read some other reviews on the place and decided to give it a try for myself. From the moment I walked in, there is artwork on the walls, a bistro atmosphere that was calm and soothing. I was helped immediately by the waitstaff, who upon learning it was my first visit, listed the beverages they had here and gave me a rundown on what they served. I ordered a cup of their black tea- which was delicious!!! I ordered the ham and egg sandwich and the signature waffle. Normally, I am a condiments girl- I need mayo on my sandwich and syrup on my waffles. I am pleased to say I needed no mayo on my sandwich. The eggs and ham were seasoned perfectly sandwiched into ciabatta bread that was pure heaven. The only thing I can say is that you may need an extra napkin- the yolks are broken and the sandwich can get a little messy- but I personally am very okay with that! The waffles are caramelized on the outside but like cutting through butter when eating them. I didn't use any syrup and it paired so nicely with the butter that comes on the side. I wanted to have some of the strawberry cheesecake but I was comfortably full. The meal didn't leave me feeling loaded down with carbs and I noticed they had other healthy options on the menu. First visit and I honestly couldn't say enough on how great this place is!
Ashtin - Rockwall, TX
I'm giving this tucked away bistro 5 stars for its location, offerings and service. This is one of those where's waldo situations... what is this place doing in Forney? Their menu is very sophisticated for the distance away from walking street traffic and not something I'd expect hidden in Forney. The coffee was great and those waffles were amazing. I had the egg and ham breakfast sandwich with is more decadent then it sounds. This isn't your grand pappys breakfast joint... this is a little slice of upscale tucked away. You won't find hash browns here... you'll find bernaise sauce! it's small and has an industrial bakery kitchen. The decor is very simple, yet sophisticated black and white with colorful art on the walls for sale.
Roxanne - Dallas, TX
Had the Ricotta Pancakes and Ham Breakfast Sandwich. 2 of the best breakfast items I have ever had in a restaurant. The owner dropped by to explain each and every item on the menu with great pride. And once the food was tasted, I see why! Can't believe it took me so long to get here, and I live in Forney!!!! Crumb cake was fabulous! Thank you for bringing this fabulous gem to Forney!
Ktoothgirl - Dallas, TX
Had lunch recently at Crumbzz. Top-notch in every way. Off the charts sandwiches and soup. Best coffee of our entire 10 day trip. Very nice service----everyone there was nice and friendly. Well worth the drive from that side of Dallas.
TheCarry-ons - Grand Rapids MI
My friend and I went to Crumbzz after reading about it in the Dallas Morning News and seeing the excellent review it received on its crumb cake--which the writer described as some of the finest she had ever tasted. We were refreshed by the clean lines and cool colors of the decor, put at rest by the classic music in the background, and truly delighted with our crumbcakes and coffee and tea! The owner himself was there and provided us with service and shared with us his goal of serving foods unadulterated by artificial ingredients as much as possible. (If you are a Splenda user, you will not find Splenda there--but he does provide Truvia--which tastes much like Splenda.) I had the cinnamon crumbcake and my friend had a fruit version and we eached shared some of the other's choice. Both were excellent! Based on our wonderful experience, I feel certain that others will enjoy it, also! This establishment is truly a gift to Forney!
JoJeanine - Mesquite, TX
My wife and I were on our way to Canton on a Sunday and she found this place called Crumbzz. I am not one that likes to get off the beaten path and like to get to me destination with very little detouring. Fast food did not sound good on this day though. I am so glad that we made this detour. The atmosphere of this place is awesome and is completely welcoming. The owner/ master chef/ Baker/ King of the kitchen greeted us and took his time explaining things to us about the process of how he makes the incredible creations. He introduced us to what waffles are really supposed to be. This is some of the best food we have had. We have been telling people about this place since we have been there.
A Calvert - McKinney, TX
What an awesome response to your presentation today! I've received text messages and comments about how wonderful it was. I cannot thank you enough for donating your time, energy, and supplies to better the community and benefit our children. I am so thankful for you and all that you stand for.
A. T., 3rd grade teacher, Rhea Elementary
As we were walking out there was a couple walking in and he said to her "are you ready to fall in love"? He was talking about Crumbzz. Such a wonderful little bistro!!
B. Cavalli TX